Training Mat + Sensory Stick Bundle

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Experience the benefits of foot and hand stimulation with the Naboso Training Mat and Naboso Sensory Stick bundle.    Activate the nervous system, strengthen the body, recovery the hands and feet. 

Bundle Includes:

Naboso Training Mat 

The unique, textured design used in the Naboso Training Mat is designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet when lifting weights or doing rehab exercises.  

Moderate level of stimulation and is more stimulating than our Mind Body Mat. 

Naboso Sensory Sticks 

At 2 lbs each, the Naboso Sensory Sticks combine texture and weight for an instant brain body connection.   Use them to enhance your grip, to challenge your workout or to release foot and hand stiffness. 

Bonus!  3 Workouts included in this bundle. 

Join Naboso founder and fitness professional Dr Emily as she takes you through 3 workouts designed to strengthen and tone the shoulders core and feet. 

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