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An Insole Like No Other,
Any Way You Flip It.

Duo Insole

Meet Naboso Duo

Texture matters, that’s why we’ve put it on both sides. Reversible and flat with two levels of stimulation, the Naboso Duo redefines what’s underneath your feet and how you connect to movement. The Naboso Duo is for anyone and any purpose, and they’re always ready when you are.

Insole Package

Side 01


You are made to perform. This side of Duo puts your body in control of its natural power, speed and strength. This side provides optimal performance, whether you are on the field, in the gym, or sprinting to the finish line.

Perform image

Side 02


Wake up your feet and connect to your foundation. Activate keeps you going on your feet all day long, whether you’re at work, running errands, or at the gym. Stay connected, improve balance, and move with confidence.

Activation image

An Instant Brain Body Connection

The brain can control what it’s connected to. The Naboso textures activate your nervous system allowing your brain and your feet to be in sync, optimizing movement and body awareness.

Insole closeup
Shoes with Naboso Duo Insoles
Why Naboso?

Do More with Duo.

It’s like being barefoot in your shoes.

Neuro Connection icon

Neuro Connection

Optimized stimulation allows the brain to better control body movement.

Foot Stimulation icon

Foot Stimulation

Designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet.

Ground up movement icon

Ground up movement

Improving our posture, movement, and performance starts at the ground.

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Join the Movement.

Duo reversible, silicone insoles are made for everyone and everything. Activate or Perform any time, anywhere.
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