Benefits of (Textured) Toe Socks

Benefits of Toe Socks

Toe socks.   They may not look the most stylish but when it comes to foot function, they are top notch!  

Embracing toe individuality goes a long way for overall foot health and movement.   Add in texture to the power of toe pockets and you have a very powerful product that can keep you moving at your best. 

Below are 5 of our favorite benefits of wearing (Textured) Toe Socks:

  1. Natural Toe Alignment.     Toe socks allow each toe to move individually within the shoe, providing a more natural and comfortable fit.   What may feel weird at first, soon becomes a sought-after experience for toe alignment. 
  2. Reduced Friction Between Toes. The individual toe pockets minimize skin to skin or rather toe to toe contact which can be beneficial to those with are prone to blisters or corns between the toes.
  3. Added Stability and Balance. Our toes play an important role in balance which means the more you can move them the better their strength.   This can be particularly important to those with hammertoes or who are older.
  4. Improved Foot Circulation. Texture is one of the best ways to support micro circulation of the feet which can be the feet warm, nerves healthy and muscles recovered.
  5. Foot Recovery. Toe splay and foot stimulation are 2 great ways to support overall foot recovery.   We take over 5,000 steps a day so integrating these socks is an easy and effective way to integrate recovery into your lifestyle

The above are just a few of our favorite benefits of toe socks in general but of course the added Naboso texture to our toe socks provide additional benefits which translate to overall foot health. 

Now available in four sizes and in the US, Canada and Australia.    Head to to order today!