Can Naboso Insoles Reduce Worker's Foot Fatigue?

Can Naboso Insoles Reduce Worker's Foot Fatigue?

We all know that prolonged sitting at work is bad for the body, but does that mean we should be standing all day?   Does prolonged standing come with risks that match that of sitting? 

To get a better understanding of the impact prolonged standing can have on the body, simply ask a doctor in the operating room, a nurse working the floor, a police officer on duty, an employee at FedEx or Amazon, or a military cadet going through basic training.   

A 2015 report by the CDC actually classified prolonged standing as an ergonomic hazard and states that prolonged standing related health risks cost the US healthcare system an average of $2.6 billion in annual direct and indirect costs.  

This same report found that 65% of employees reported prolonged standing!  

Another 2015 study by Waters et al., found that prolonged standing at work has been shown to be associated with a number of potentially serious health outcomes, including lower back and leg pain, circulation issues, fatigue, discomfort, and pregnancy related health outcomes.  

So what can you do?    

What if your job requires you to stand all day on your feet all day and sitting down just isn't a reality.  

This is where understanding the feet is important! 

Feet were not designed to stand statically 

We were designed to move - not sit, not stand - but move!    This design is evident in how our muscles and fascia support the body.   Standing in one place increases the force of gravity on the body and leads to static muscle contractions.   Our muscles want to contract and relax as this hydrates our tissue and brings fluidity and mobility to the body. 

If you have to stand all day - move!    Move in place.    Engage your core.   Fidget is better than static. 

Sensory stimulation creates strong feet 

Our body is only as strong as our foundation, which in this case is our feet.   A big driver of foot engagement is sensory stimulation.   Sensory stimulation comes from the foot striking the ground when we walk.   But if we are standing statically this sensory stimulation doesn't enter the body the same way.    

Consider the role of Naboso Insoles for enhancing foot activation, foot strength and creating a strong foundation.    The Insoles can be used in any shoes and with socks! 

Release the feet daily to reduce accumulative stress 

All tissue in our body as a stress threshold and once that threshold is reached injury can occur.   Releasing the feet on a golf ball or RAD Rounds is a smart way to hit rest at the end of a long day standing. 

This simple 5 minute release can be done while cooking dinner or brushing your teeth!   Video of the release is HERE 


To learn more healthy foot tips please visit or check out Dr Splichal's book Barefoot Strong