Enhance Standing Desk Benefits with the Naboso Standing Mat

If you have a desk job, chances are you sit too much during the day. In the past, that situation wasn't considered particularly healthy, but it was not thought to be actively harmful. However, recent research shows that sitting for extended periods can make you more likely to become obese and develop diabetes and heart disease. As a result, you can expect a shorter lifespan.

One effective way to combat this health problem is to switch up all that sitting and trade it in for standing. More employers are encouraging employees to use standing desks because of the health benefits of avoiding prolonged sitting. Enough research has been done to suggest that a standing desk can make a significant change to your health and your work productivity. The benefits are only enhanced when you add a standing desk mat.


Standing instead of sitting does burn more calories an hour and also helps your blood sugar return to normal more quickly after eating. These changes are beneficial for everyone but particularly for those with type 2 diabetes. For years, researchers have said that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to heart disease and that standing helps to combat this health issue.

In addition, those with back and neck pain may benefit from using a standing desk, at least for part of the day. Studies have indicated that workers experienced less pain after just a few weeks of using a sit-stand desk.


According to a British study, workers who switched to standing desks reported increased productivity after a year. They also noted that they felt more "engaged" while in the workplace. The simple act of standing does keep people more alert and possibly able to function at a higher level than their seated counterparts. Also, if people perceive that the standing desk helps them be more productive, their work will likely reflect that belief. The standing desk benefits workers both physically and mentally.


While standing is healthier than sitting, being on your feet for long periods each day can cause physical issues as well, such as lower back pain, varicose veins, and swollen feet. Your posture also contributes to these problems. Standing at work for any length of time also demands that you maintain an awareness of your foot posture, footwear and body alignment. Using the right standing mat can help optimize foot strength and posture when on your feet for long hours.

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Introducing the Naboso Standing Mat

The combination of a standing desk and the Naboso Standing Mat 1.5 increases your comfort and protects your health during the workday. Created with advanced, patent-pending material, this 21" x 24" standing desk mat does not intrude into your workspace. It provides the type of cushioning that your feet need to prevent pressure on your lower back, feet, and legs. Your feet won't grow tired easily, in part because the mat stimulates the bottom of your feet as you work, keeping your nervous system alert and fully functioning. You can also perform standing barefoot exercises that increase this all-important foot activation and help your feet recover at the end of a long day.

If you spend a significant part of your workday sitting down, you are inviting certain health problems that stem from a sedentary lifestyle. For many workers, using a standing desk for several hours a day can help prevent these issues, which include obesity, heart disease, back and neck pain, and diabetes. The standing desk is not a miracle cure, but using one is a positive step toward achieving good health, particularly if you protect your feet, legs, and back with a Naboso standing desk mat. The mat provides cushioning and foot stimulation that addresses these health issues while keeping you comfortable and alert. When you choose to stand during work, you are choosing to be healthier and more productive--improvements your employer should be happy to support.

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