Getting the Most Out of Splay Toe Spacers | A User's Guide

How to use toe spacers

When it comes to foot health, our toes often don't receive the attention they deserve. However, the spaces between our toes play a crucial role in maintaining proper alignment, stability, and overall foot function.

This is where the Naboso Splay  toe spacers come in. This simple yet effective tool is designed to separate and realign the toes, providing a multitude of benefits for foot health and well-being.

The Benefit of Naboso Splay 

The Naboso Splay helps to restore a natural range of motion to your toes, improving foot function and encouraging recovery.  Splay is great for many things, such as stretching and releasing the toes after long hours in shoes, supporting natural toe alignment for hammertoes and bunions, minimizing neuroma pain, and stretching the plantar fascia to help plantar fasciitis.

So, when you get your Splay, how do you use it most effectively?

Below are our tips for how to use your Naboso Splay for the best results and for happy, healthy feet! 

#1 – Wear Splay Every Day 

Splay is easy to wear around the house or on the go, but the most important thing when wearing Splay is consistency. Start by wearing your Splay for 30 minutes a day, every day to encourage the best results. When you get used to the routine, you can gradually increase your time wearing Splay based on your needs.

See how to put on your Splay here!

#2 – Wear Them In Shoes or Working Out 

Due to our unique design and comfortable material the Naboso Splay can be worn all day. Most Naboso products work best barefoot, but the Splay toe spacers work effectively any time: shoes included. You can even wear them while you’re working out! 

#3 – Keep Them Clean.

Splay is made of an easy to clean 100% medical grade gel which is non-toxic and odorless. Wash them with warm water and soap once a week and allow them to air dry afterwards.

Take care of your Splay so it can take care of your feet!

#4 – Replace Every 3 - 6 Months 

Like many foot-based products such as insoles or shoes, over time Splay will wear down from forces of the ground, body weight and movement. We recommend replacing your Naboso Splay every 3 - 6 months for the best conditions for maximum healing.


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