Hack Your Golf Game with this Foot Stimulating Insole

Hack Your Golf Game with this Foot Stimulating Insole

Preparation for the swing, weight distribution into the feet...few sports compare to golf in the subtleties in a movement pattern. Due to the small movement shifts during a golf swing perfecting this pattern can be hard to achieve. High foot and body awareness are required to attain peak performance.   

At Naboso Technology we appreciate this concept of foot and body awareness, and have built it into our sole (pun intended) purpose. To demonstrate the efficacy of our products for the golf market we conducted a pilot study. 

Naboso Golf PIlot Study 

We had 50 golfers of varying skill level wear a pair of the Naboso Activation Insoles in their golf shoes and then play a round of golf. At the completion of the round, they were asked to complete a survey to find out their experience. 

This is what we found out.

Of the 50 golfers, 85% had never heard of or tried Naboso Insoles so this was a new experience and introduction to our textured product line. This is good because it gives an honest response from a new customer. 

94% noticed increased foot awareness and pressure distribution during a round. 

One golfer stated, "The insole texture provided constant stimulation which made me more aware of my feet and the terrain. They also decreased foot pain and pressure spots."

87% stated they noticed a benefit from the insoles which correlated to their golf game. 

This ranged from decreased foot and leg fatigue to improve golf game. This user stated, "Definitely shot one of my best round of the year, and I felt like I was more consistent with my shots. I think it was was the increased awareness of my feet."

98% stated they would wear them again and buy for their golf shoes 

This is of course one of our favorite questions because it says a lot if someone testing a product is wanting to re-purchase it and bring it as a normal feature in their golf game! 

"I will be wearing them for every round I play in the future now."
"They live in my golf shoes."
"Absolutely, everytime!"
"Yes, they are a fixture in my golf shoes."
So what can you take away from all of the above?    
We know it's important to have high foot awareness during golf and the Naboso textured insoles provide a means to achieve that goal. By understanding the unique features of the plantar foot we are able to hack the nervous system and activate the foot nerves. 
To learn more about our Activation Insoles please visit www.naboso.com