Low Back Pain? Release Your Feet!

Low Back Pain?   Release Your Feet!

One of my most aching memories as a surgical resident was not the sleepless nights - but rather the long hours on my feet and the associated low back pain.    As much as I tried to remember "proper posture" and to engage my core, there is something about a 12 hour shift on concrete hospital floors that is just unnatural to the human body. 

I am not alone in my experience of low back pain after prolonged standing.   In fact, the CDC states that excessive standing at work is an ergonomic health risk costing the US healthcare system up to $2.6 billion dollars annually.

From nurses and hair stylists to police officers and personal trainers, many of our jobs require us to be on our feet for 6+ hours straight.    

The result?   

Tight feet, aching calves and tired low back muscles.  

A technique I used during my residency and now is one I recommend to almost all of my patients - is a 5 minute foot release every morning and evening.

How can a foot release take pressure off of the lower back?


The Interconnected Foot & Back

Advances in fascial research have demonstrated that the muscles of our foot blend into and are connected to our calves, hamstrings, low back muscles and actually continue all the way up to the top of our head!

I am referencing the Superficial Back Line.   

As a postural fascial line, the SBL supports the body in its upright position acting much like a cable from our head to our feet.    Prolonged standing can create tightness throughout the muscles that run along this line.  

The Power of a Foot Release

Research has shown that releasing along the SBL such as the bottom of the foot, can be an effective way to release tension in the foot and along the entire fascial line.    

This is where the Naboso Neuro Ball and our 5-Point Foot Release comes into play.

With its unique 3-in-1 design the Neuro Ball can be used as 2 domes providing an effective, ergonomic, foot release with added sensory stimulation for foot circulation. 

Want to further enhance your foot recovery after a long day on your feet? 

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