Simple Foot Recovery Tips from a Functional Podiatrist

Simple Foot Recovery Tips from a Functional Podiatrist

Our feet carry us through life, supporting our weight and keeping us on the move. They carry us through our day to day, but we often don’t appreciate them until they start to ache or become injured.

Up to 87% of people will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. This number is so high due to the amount of foot stress versus how much effort we put into foot recovery- in other words, we don’t pay enough attention to prevention or aftercare for foot pain.

At Naboso, we believe that a majority of foot pain could be prevented with daily foot recovery.

Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, athletic injury, or just looking for relief from everyday foot discomfort, incorporating daily, consistent foot recovery into your routine can make a significant difference.

In this blog post, we will explore an example of a daily routine using Naboso products for foot recovery, helping you take steps toward improved health and wellness morning, afternoon and night.


Start the day by releasing your feet with our Neuro Ball. The Neuro ball is three tools in one; and each has a unique contribution to fight foot fatigue. The ball is covered in proprioceptive texture that stimulates the arches of your feet when stepped on.

If you gently open the ball, it will split into two halves for simultaneous use on the feet. In the center of the ball is a small massage tool that can be used for acupressure along the muscles of the feet, allowing for maximum release.

Take five minutes to try our Foot Release Exercise in the morning to prevent pain throughout the day!

During the Day

In an ideal world, work would do itself and we would be able to just live our lives as out feet take care of themselves. While this isn’t fully possible, there are tools that make it almost that easy!

Stay connected to your feet with no effort at all using our textured insoles and socks. Our Ankle Recovery Socks have our patented texture built into the insides, wrapping around and stimulating your feet as you go about your day.

These use the same technology as our Activation insoles, and can be used together with them or separately! The recovery socks are designed to compress and stimulate simultaneously, to give you the maximum benefits.


At the end of a long day, we all just want to kick our feet up and relax. Restore your foot shape and realign your toes with our Splay toe spacers. Splay gently realigns your toes to their natural position, improving foot function and minimizing arch pain.

Splay helps to stretch and release your feet after long hours in shoes or a heavy workout to relieve pain! I’ve explained how to best use them in an easy video.


There are many options available to help boost your foot recovery and relieve pain, and the more of them you can work into your daily routine the better results you will see! By starting with these tools and exercises, you’ll be fast on your way to the results you want.

Our Naboso customers that subscribe to "the process" have become one with their movement.

Will you?

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