Six Savvy Uses for the Naboso Standing Mat

Six Savvy Uses for the Naboso Standing Mat

For those that have been following Naboso® Technology for awhile, you know that we started as a fitness company however we’ve quickly expanded our applications to wellness, medical, education and home.

As we head into an exciting promotion for our top selling Naboso® Standing Mat we wanted to share a few of our favorite applications for this 2 foot x 2 foot mat!

Want a Strong Foundation at your Standing Desk?

Standing long hours places a heavy burden on our feet and lower legs. Anyone who’s stood in place for a long period totally understands the slow ache of the plantar foot and calves that signals it’s time to sit down.

Rolling the feet on a golf ball or RAD Roller is one of our favorite techniques to avoid foot pain when standing, but another great way to avoid foot pain is with sensory stimulation!

Enter the Naboso® Standing Mat. Our texture mat provides proprioceptive stimulation to keep the foot muscles awake and ready to support you while at work.

Thin socks or barefoot required!

Pilates Naboso.jpg

Building Stability During Pilates

From the Pilates jump board to the Reformer carriage, Pilates professionals are integrating the Naboso® Standing Mat throughout their practice. Students are noticing it’s easier to connect to their feet and core because of the unique textural stimulation.

Due to the small size of the Naboso® Standing Mat, it can creatively be placed around the Reformer or other Pilates equipment to give that extra connection to the feet. Want to use it for a Mat Pilates class, we have studios around the world who love the size of the Naboso® Standing Mat for small group trainings!


Find your Foundation when Strength Training

Not into Pilates, no problem! Kick your shoes off and let’s get #barefootstrong by using the Naboso® Standing Mat at the gym during your strength training session.

With our feet as the foundation to stability, the more connected we are to our feet, the stronger we will be. Numerous Olympic lifters and body builders have told us that they have broken their PRs when lifting barefoot on the Naboso® Standing Mat.

Don’t take our word for it, check out companies such as @webuildstrongpeople and @rootedinmvmnt on IG who proudly integrate Naboso® throughout their facility and programming.


Keep #BAREFOOTSTRONG in the Kitchen (or Bathroom)

Yes the benefits of Naboso® far exceed that of the gym or office. Imagine waking up to the stimulation of texture under your feet. This is possible with the use of the Naboso® Standing Mat in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Naboso® Standing Mat is easily cleaned and is not slippery when wet (think water tread tires). This makes it perfect for home use and as a creative way to get that extra activation throughout your morning or evening.

We especially like this application for those with balance issues or for those with neurological conditions!


Sensory Play for Children (and Adults!)

With the peak window of neuroplasticity (brain development) between the ages of newborn and 4 years old, sensory stimulation during childhood development is of utmost importance for cognitive, emotional and motor programming.

Studies have demonstrated important somatosensory cortex (brain) activation linked to foot stimulation in 7 month olds. This leads to promising potential for Naboso® Technology and the Naboso® Standing Mat in a childhood education and occupational therapy setting.

We recommend integrating at least 30 minutes of barefoot sensory stimulation every day with the Naboso® Standing Mat for children of all ages!


Perfect for Pets too!

One of favorite applications of all Naboso® products is how pets love them! And it makes sense since their little foot pads have the same important sensory nerves as our plantar foot.

Movement of animals is like that of humans meaning it too is led by sensory stimulation. To further bring awareness to this Naboso® is actually undergoing research in Veterinary Medicine and the animal neuro rehab. Who knew their was such a category!