Which Naboso Insole Is For You?

Which Naboso Insole Is For You?

One of the most common questions we get asked is - what is the difference between the different Naboso Insoles?

All of the Naboso Insoles are designed with an increasing level of stimulation. 

This allows you to either work you way up through the different levels of stimulation or to alternate them and introduce what's called textured variability

The Power of Texture 

All Naboso Insoles features a unique, patent-pending textural design that is based on the science of the skin on the bottom of the feet.    The plantar foot is packed with special nerves, nerves that are sensitive to various stimulation including texture, vibration and skin stretch.   

All Naboso products target the SA1 merkel disc nerve in the bottom of the feet, which happens to be the same nerve that we use to read braille! 
When stimulated, these plantar nerves help to connect the brain and body to our feet and movements.   Essentially the better we feel, the better we move! 
And who doesn't want to move well? 

Experience the Insoles 

Our graduated stimulus provides each customer with a unique experience based on their needs and foot sensitivity. 

If you are new to foot stimulation and consider your feet sensitive then we recommend starting with our lowest level of stimulation of the Performance Insoles.   

If you are active, stand on your feet all day or are looking to strengthen your feet, then we recommend turning up the level of the stimulus and use our Activation Insoles.   This also happens to be our top selling insole! 

If you are suffering from a chronic neurological condition or have compromised balance then we recommend our medical grade level of our stimulation which can be found in our Neuro Insoles.   As an FYI, this insole is going through the FDA process to try and get approval for neuropathy.    

And then finally, our newest and most stimulating insole to date is our Duo Insole.  Made of food-grade silicone, this dual-sided insole offers two levels of stimulation.   If you plan to wear the Naboso Insoles everyday this is a great option for you! 

Textured Variability

As you begin to integrate the Naboso Insoles into your day we recommend alternating between a couple of the insoles as they all create a slightly different stimulation to the feet and nervous system. 

Think of it like the way you cross train at the gym or do crossword puzzles to stimulate the brain, variability in stimulation drives neuroplasticity.    

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