Running and Cycling

Naboso and impact forces

Our perception of impact forces is directly related to our ability to feel the ground and connect with the sensory stimulation of ground reaction forces. Wilkinson et al. found in his 2018 study that textured insoles reduced vertical ground reaction forces in runners, demonstrating the importance of sensory stimulation in runners.

The Naboso Performance Insole is Naboso's way to help improve running-related injuries by enhancing their sensory feedback. When worn before or during a run, Naboso textured insoles can establish increased foot sensitivity and total body awareness.

Enhancing foot stimulation during cycling

Despite being a non-impact sport, cycling still requires optimal foot activation and foot to core stabilization. The reality of cycling is that it is a sport that requires a rigid shoe with little room for toe splay and frequent foot engagement. The result can be a disconnect between the cyclist's center of stabilization (core) and their foundation (foot). This leads to delayed stabilization, compensation patterns, and a loss of power.

Naboso textured insoles are the first and only means to enhance a cyclist's foot proprioceptive awareness while in their rigid cycling shoes and throughout a long ride. Our unique textural design of the Naboso Neuro Insole allows the cyclist to reconnect their foundation during periods of fatigue and intermittently throughout the ride.