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Two sides of foot function

There are two sides to foot function (and dysfunction): biomechanical and neuromuscular. Now, both of these play an important role in optimal foot function, which means that both must be appreciated. However, to solely treat foot pain with just one belief system in mind is inherently flawed.

Footwear industries, orthotic labs, and traditional podiatric medicine address foot pain and pathology solely from a biomechanical perspective. The belief that we must have arch support and cushion in our shoes leads many patients and consumers to believe that this will finally be the answer to their foot pain.

However, in many cases this is not the answer and patients are left with agonizing foot pain and empty wallets. The other side of foot function that we must consider is one that is driven from a neuromuscular perspective. One that integrates the science of sensory stimulation and the fascial system.

When we consider the neuromuscular side to foot function, we want to think about the sensitivity of plantar foot, as well as co-activation patterns between the foot and the core. The role of barefoot stimulation, minimal footwear, myofascial release, breathing patterns, and compensation patterns more proximal would all be considered.

Benefits of increased plantar foot stimulation:

  • Reduced foot fatigue and pain
  • Enhanced joint stability post surgery
  • Faster recovery post ankle sprain
  • Faster return to activity post joint surgery 

Textured insoles and post-surgical recovery

Plantar cutaneous stimulation plays an important role in how our brain perceives all joints, referred to as joint position sense. Research studies have demonstrated that wearing textured insoles when training is associated with faster joint stability. Faster joint stability and awareness is also important after joint surgery.

A 2017 study by Collins et al. has demonstrated the presence of plantar foot sensation after ACL reconstruction and other lower extremity joint surgeries. Textured insole use immediately post-op provides a way to help these patients reconnect to their foundation and has been shown to improve mobility, balance, and return to activity post surgery.

What does the science show about textured insoles?

To learn more about our evidence-based and patent-pending product please find below a few of the research studies:

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