Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Sock

Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Sock

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.   Most people remember the ol’ RICE protocol.    For most patients experiencing plantar heel pain, the initial treatment recommendations for plantar fasciitis isn’t far off from this.

But how effective is the above and is rest and ice doing anything to support the healing of the tissue?

At Naboso, we have found a better way to reduce plantar heel pain and support tissue recovery.   

With our founder and functional Podiatrist, Dr Emily Splichal, we have developed a recovery sock which targets the muscles, fascia and nerves found in the bottom of the foot.     Introducing the Naboso Recovery Sock.     

There are two powerful ways in which this sock can help those with plantar fasciitis – support & circulation.

Benefit #1 – Arch Compression

Sometimes our feet just need a little TLC, and the Naboso Recovery Sock gives the perfect amount of support to the stressed plantar fascia.     FYI, it is impossible for tissue to heal if is continuously getting stressed and re-injured.   

Currently in the market, most compressive socks provide arch compression which is placed towards the middle of the foot.   Sure this may be comfortable but it is not that effective at giving support to the plantar fascia.    

In the Naboso Recovery Sock we provide arch compression towards the heel which is anatomically more accurate as this is where the plantar fascia originates.     

Accurate arch compression = improved plantar fascia support.

Benefit #2 – Foot Circulation

This is the secret sauce of the Naboso Recovery Sock.

No other sock on the market is designed to support circulation to plantar nerves, foot muscles and plantar fascia.   The way that our socks improve circulation is through texture stimulation.   

Within every sock you will find tiny pyramids, precisely shaped and designed, to get into the dermal layer of the foot.   Found within the dermis are thousands of tiny blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to our skin, nerves, muscles – and yes, our plantar fascia.

More circulation to tissue = improved plantar fascia healing


Curious to try the Naboso Recovery Sock?

We recommend wearing the Naboso Recovery Sock at least 60 minutes a day, especially after a long day on your feet or after a hard workout.   

Want to get even more plantar fascial support?   Integrate the Neuro Ball with our 5 Minute Foot Release done daily.