Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks
Textured Toe Socks

Textured Toe Socks

  • Machine Washable
  • Natural Toe Alignment
  • Nerve Stimulating
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Get ready to experience the first of its kind:  Texture + Toe Socks 
Actively engage and strengthen your whole foot through our patented texture and socks with individual toe pockets. 

Recommended for:

  • Supporting natural toe alignment and toe strength  
  • Resetting the feet at the end of a long day or hard workout 
  • Improving balance and foot awareness 
  • Resetting feet with bunions and hammertoes 
  • Improving foot circulation and peripheral nerve health 
Start with 30-60 minutes and gradual increase based on comfort.   
For best fit, recommended to wash before wear. 
76% Cotton, 20% Polyester,  4% Elastane

MEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)

M6 - 838.5 - 41.55.5 - 7.5
L8.5 - 10.542 - 44.58 - 10
XL11 - 1345 - 47.510.5 - 12.5
WOMEN - shoe size (size up if between sizes)
S5 - 735 - 373 - 5
M7.5 - 9.537.5 - 39.55.5 - 7.5
L10 - 1240 - 428 - 10

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Neuro-Stimulating Texture

Our Naboso Toe Socks are designed to do more than just cover your feet. They actively engage and strengthen your feet by stimulating the nervous system. With individual toe pockets and our patented-texture, they awaken your sensory receptors, promoting enhanced circulation and nerve activation. Step into a world of foot wellness and natural movement.

Support Natural Alignment

Our toe socks not only free your toes but also support their alignment and flexor strength. Combining this freedom of movement with our patented-texture, you'll discover the authentic sensation of how your feet were designed to move.