What's Missing in Footwear Innovation

What's Missing in Footwear Innovation

Air max, wave technology, carbon fiber plates - every year the billion dollar footwear market continues to grow exponentially due to new innovations and design by industry leaders such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. 

One of the most disruptive innovations for the footwear industry was back in 2008 during the barefoot running boom when shoes were stripped of their support, cushion was eliminated and the heel toe drop was, well, dropped.     

Enter the minimal shoe.  

This wide toe box, zero drop, flexible shoe which was once thought of as a trend is is now a category all of its own and is valued at more than $1.7 billion! 

Despite all of past and current footwear innovations, one aspect of the shoe that has not evolved in the past 50+ years is inside of the shoe!   

Meet the sock liner. 

This simple, flat, foam inner sole is pretty much standard in all shoes. At 1-2mm thick, the sock liner serves as a cushioned layer for sweat absorption and in some shoes has arch support.   

Almost as an afterthought, the sock liner doesn't seem to play a role in movement and foot function. Or does it? Could it? 

What's interesting is that the only part of the shoe that actually touches the foot is the sock liner. And with the foot as a sensory gateway to the nervous system, is this not a missed opportunity? 

At Naboso, we think so! 

Enter the Naboso Insole.  

Think of it more as a sock liner. A think sensory layer that can be added to your shoe to enhance this foot shoe interface.   

As the only textured insole, sock liner on the market we are on a mission to innovate the inside of the shoe!    

We have proudly partnered with Xero Shoes to bring the Naboso Insole to their Z Trail Sandal.   We have also aligned ourselves with Bearfoot Athletics and Strike Movement, both of which sell the Naboso Insoles on their site.  

It is time to demand from our shoes and look beyond just the external. After all isn't it what's on the inside the counts! 

Learn more about the Naboso Insoles at www.naboso.com