Athletic Performance

Naboso and athlete stabilization

The rate of stabilization is everything to an athlete. From local joint stabilization to global body control and coordination, the more stable an athlete is, the more power, force and resistance they will be able to generate or transfer. 

At Naboso® Technology we help athletes achieve faster stabilization - from the ground up. With our patent-pending textured insoles and sensory training mats, we help athletes tap into the power of the nervous system through the skin on the plantar foot.  

The skin on the bottom of the foot is uniquely integrated into how the brain *sees* movement. The more sensory stimulation that is brought into the nervous system, the more accurate the perception of that movement.   

Research has shown that textured insoles and surfaces provide a powerful benefit to athletes by increasing their joint position sense, controlling force production and altering impact forces encountered.

Applications include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Movement prep
  • Neuromuscular activation 

The power of proprioception for performance

The skin on the bottom of the foot is packed with nerves that are sensitive to different stimulation including texture, skin stretch and vibration. When stimulated, these nerves help to control dynamic posture, joint position sense and the transfer of impact forces.  

Research has shown that a very effective way to stimulate the skin on the bottom of the foot is with texture. The research behind textured insoles and textured surfaces has demonstrated enhanced postural control, reduced risk of injury and a faster return to sport after injury. Study after study has shown powerful benefits for athletes when integrating textured insoles and textured surfaces into their recovery, their training and their off-days.  

Naboso is the only commercially available textured insole and training surface. 

Below you'll find some of the research to help you better understand how Naboso and our patent-pending products can help your athletes. 

There are many applications for integrating Naboso Technology® into athletes programming.  We currently have have Naboso Technology® under the feet of ballet, cross training & olympic lifting, downhill skiing, endurance running, NRL Rugby, NFL Football and MLB Baseball. 

Our Naboso® Insoles are currently being used in athletes training shoes and as a form of recovery after their workout. For athletes that must wear socks during their training or in their cleats, we recommend our Performance Insole and worn with thin socks. Whereas those that can go barefoot in their shoes or plan to put the Naboso® Insole in their sock, there is an advantage of alternating between the Naboso® Perfomance and Activation Insole

The Naboso™ Mats are being used as part of an athlete's movement prep and is integrated into olympic lifts and bodyweight movements. For those athletes looking to get an even great sensory stimulation, we recommend our new Naboso Pro Training Mat which provides a sharper texture and harder surface for enhanced proprioceptive stimulation. 

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