Textures with medical purpose

Naboso has applications within neuro-rehabilitation, podiatry, orthopedics, sports medicine, and pediatric development.


One of the most effective, yet highly under-utilized, ways to improve dynamic stability is to focus on optimizing sensory stimulation of the feet. Touch creates an access point between the environment and the brain to better control movement coordination and improve posture.

Sports medicine & orthopedics

Sensory stimulation of the foot leads to a contraction of the intrinsic (deep) muscles of the foot. Intrinsic muscle contraction is not only a critical step in the damping of impact forces but has also been shown to increase the medial arch and build co-activation contractions in the core.

Pediatrics & motor development

In order to allow optimal cognitive and motor development in children we need to ensure the foundation of sensory stimulation, and their relationship with sensory stimulation is healthy. Sensory stimulation lays the foundation to all higher brain processing including learning, memory, attention, emotion and movement.

Proprioceptive products